Moving image

Personal project

A short film shot during a trip to the Outer Hebrides

The Diary of a Diva

A documentary about a member of the Blipfoto community, Katherine Ellis
Camera, sound & edit

Life Turns
Blipfoto, New Media Scotland, Alt-W fund and Edinburgh Art Festival

An animation made from still images submitted by hundreds of people around the world. Each contributed individual frames of a human figure walking, which were combined and edited into the final five minute sequence. The project and film were featured by the BBC and NPR.
Concept, design, project management and editing

Lovers of Light

A sequence created from shortlisted entries in the Velux Lovers of Light international landscape photography competition.
Concept, edit and final production

A Brief History of Photography
Blipfoto / Milken Global Conference

A sequence produced as an introduction to a panel on the history and future of photography, at the Milken Global Conference 2015.
Design, edit and final production

A Day in the Life of Scobes

A documentary of a day in the life of a member of the Blipfoto community, Scott Richards
Camera, sound & edit