Turing Fest

Brand consolidation and guidelines document


Turing Fest is one of Europe’s biggest cross-functional tech conferences, bringing hundreds of tech, marketing and product experts to Edinburgh every August for three days of talks and other events. But it wasn’t always so—just a few years ago it was a much smaller, local affair run by a group of volunteers.

As a result of this organic growth, a disparate collection of brand elements were being used, with no accompanying guidelines and no central source of artwork. I was asked to solve this by consolidating the artwork and writing a clear set of guidelines which will allow the brand to evolve over time.

Logo variants

A range of logo variants were developed for use across the multitude of required applications.

Icon Boxed 500sq.jpg
Icon Primary Colour Background 500sq.jpg
Castle Logo 500w.jpg


The guidelines document describes how the logo should be used, and which variants are most suited to various applications.

TF brand guidelines 2018-03-28.010.jpeg
TF brand guidelines 2018-03-28.012.jpeg
TF brand guidelines 2018-03-28.013.jpeg
TF brand guidelines 2018-03-28.016.jpeg