Brand development, presentation and website design


Sirakoss is a med-tech startup with a revolutionary bone grafting product designed to outperform everything else on the market, in terms of both efficacy and safety.

I was initially asked to look at the structure and design of the company’s investor presentation, but this gradually developed into a much wider remit—including an update to the brand and the development of a new company website.

Investor presentation

Sirakoss’ founders were keen to simplify their message to appeal to a broad church of investors—many of whom wouldn’t have experience in med tech. This was achieved by developing a straightforward and relatable narrative, coupled with clear and impactful visuals.

Brand refresh

Sirakoss already had a logo which reflected their Scottish roots and enjoyed some recognition among medical and investment communities. However there were concerns it appeared a little too twee and wasn’t adequately communicating the high-tech, ambitious nature of the company. So I was asked to refresh the brand to better reflect the company and its products.

The existing logo was deemed too twee

The refreshed logo is clean and bold; it retains the Celtic knot but in a simplified way and with a heart shape that references—albeit subtly—the world of healthcare

Several other options were considered, and used to steer us towards the final design.


A website was needed to reach two distinct audiences: clinicians interested in taking part in clinical trials and potential investors. We agreed to build on Squarespace, allowing us to launch a visually striking website in a short period of time and at relatively low cost—an approach that will also allow updates to be made in the future with minimal effort. The live site can be viewed at