Edinburgh Shoreline

Brand design and photography


The Scottish capital has 27km of coastline, much of which is poorly neglected and underused. The Edinburgh Shoreline project aims to tackles these problems by building awareness and reconnecting local communities with the environment along the shore. The project kicked off with a major exhibition in 2018 at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh and will continue to work with local communities over the coming years.

As a long-time Leither and lover of the outdoors, I volunteered my time to develop an overarching brand for the project and produce a collection of photographs documenting the best and worst aspects of the shoreline as it exists today.

ES logo circle RGB.jpg


A simple and versatile logo was needed, for use across a variety of different media and by many different groups. The final design has two variants—the straight version above and the round one shown here.

The five petals suggest a splash of water, and contain illustrations which hint at different aspects and history of the shoreline.


This is a small selection of much larger collection of images which document the current state of Edinburgh’s shoreline and beaches, from Cramond to Joppa.