Messaging and marketing material


With an advanced adaptive learning platform which tailors each student's learning journey in real time, CogBooks is at the forefront of online learning.  

As the company emerged from a phase of deep product development, I was brought on board to help the company define and structure a fresh set of core messages and begin communicating these to the market.

I'm a big believer in Simon Sinek's 'Start With Why' approach, so my first priority was to find the truth and purpose at the centre of everything CogBooks do. Thankfully it was unequivocally clear (albeit hidden deep within the founder's mind) which let me focus on surfacing and documenting what the company stands for, and beginning to build a set of supporting messages.

A new marketing website was launched a couple of months later, followed by a suite of sales presentations, an explainer video and a set of internal documents which helped build consistency in the way its 70+ staff spread over three continents communicated with the outside world—and each other.

Marketing website

Clarity, simplicity and clearly defined calls to action underpinned the approach to the website.

On a technical level, detaching the marketing website from the product platform and using WordPress allowed the marketing team to take ownership and move fast without impinging on product development.

Explainer video

This two-minute video has become a key piece of collateral, clearly explaining the concept of adaptive and the benefits of the CogBooks approach.

After scripting the video, I worked closely with Erik Ravaglia on the storyboard and animation.

Core propositions document

It's vital to have a clear set of messages — it's also important that the whole company is behind them. 

CogBooks brand overview.004.jpeg

Sales presentation

A single master presentation consistent with the website meant a sales team spread across the US and UK tell the same story to new customers.