Workshop delivery, mentoring, presentation and print design


CivTech is a tech accelerator launched in 2016 by the Scottish Government. Its aims are simple: to create better public services for citizens while boosting Scotland’s economy by helping innovative companies launch new products with global potential.

Public sector organisations—like the NHS, Historic Environment Scotland, YoungScot and Glasgow City Council—bring us problems that could be solved with technology. We turn these into ‘Challenges’ and invite anyone to propose a solution.

Successful applicants are given funding, intensive support and space at our Codebase HQ, where they spend four months working hand in hand with their Challenge Sponsors to build a prototype or ‘Minimum Viable Product’.

Recruited as Head of Product in mid 2016, I’ve played a pivotal role in shaping and running the project through all three cycles of the programme. I assist in the selection process, help mentor the participating companies, and deliver a comprehensive series of workshops designed specifically for the programme.

I’ve also taken responsibility for the visual design of CivTech’s Demo Day—a public showcase which takes place at the end of the programme and provides a platform for participants to show off their MVPs to an audience of 500 individuals across the public and private sectors.

It’s been a fantastic opportunity to bring my eclectic mix of skills and experience to bear on a brilliant group of young companies.


The workshops I deliver form a key part of the Accelerator programme, covering topics including the customer value proposition, growth hacking, the lean startup, investment and pitch deck design.

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Demo Day

The culmination of four months’ intense work, Demo Day is where we show off all that’s been achieved. I oversee the companies’ presentations and produce CivTech’s own collateral. This includes photographing all the participants, producing a large-scale slide deck and 70-page booklet.