Edinburgh Steiner School rebranding

A client somewhat off my beaten track, but one close to my heart. Steiner education is mainstream in much of mainland Europe and highly regarded in North America, yet widely misunderstood in the UK.

I was asked by the Edinburgh Steiner School to design a new brand to underpin a push to demystify and position it as a positive choice among other independent schools. 

It had to both appeal to a new and more mainstream audience, and be warmly received by the existing school community.

So the final design incorporates themes which sit at the core of Steiner education—the flow of the lemniscate form and the hexagon as an enclosing shape—while establishing a clean marque and badge to reflect its stature as an long-established school with academic performance way above the average.


A set of detailed guidelines will help the school and other designers apply the new brand consistently.

Rolling out the new brand

During 2017, the new brand will be rolled out across all digital and print media.