I've long had myself down as an introvert who got on in life by learning to switch on the extroversion when required; I even wrote about this recently for Creative Edinburgh. But this week I discovered the term 'ambiversion' and realised I've been wrong all along.

An ambivert is someone who sits somewhere between the two extremes of introversion and extroversion. They enjoy working or socialising with groups of people and will tolerate being the centre of attention, yet still relish time in their own company doing their own thing. They look forward to a weekend full of social events as much as one with no plan at all. They'll talk at length about something they're interested in but are just as happy to shut up and listen quietly to others.

To a tee, this is me. In fact, I seem to have unwittingly engineered precisely this balance in my working life—I give myself lots of opportunities to work and hang out with other people, but also have my own private space to retreat to, to think, create and just be. I value both equally.

It's always good to realise your place in life.